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Cloudlessons is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This means that there is nothing to install on your school servers to make the software work, you only need computers with a modern web browser to access the software and you will not have to add extra duties to your IT staff because we look after all of that for you. When you sign up to Cloudlessons, we will provide you with your school's very own sub-domain for your teachers and students to use as your private version the software. Your copy of Cloudlessons will be separated from any other schools copy of Cloudlessons and will contain your own private Cloudlessons database. Your teachers will have unlimited access to the teachers tools, allowing them to create their own lesson and exam content, and your students will have access to only the materials provided by their teachers. You will also gain a principals account, giving you class statistics and student results at your fingertips. Register today to provide your teachers with the tools they need to deliver world class education outcomes and your digitally native students with a platform that encourages learning in an online environment they will love.

The Cloud Lessons Platform
is for
Teachers and Students

Teachers: Create your own content and computer mark tests

Students: Complete your lessons and tests online with instant feedback

Platform Categories:
1: All Subjects Learning and Assessment
Click a button below to start using the Maths and English Platform

2: Music Specific Learning and Assessment
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